Vacheron Constantin History Calendar Three Times 1942


The Historiques line brings together the modern writings of Vacheron Constantin history. There is the Ultra-Fine 1955, a rigorous interpretation of a thin clock. And then, there are these three most beautiful clocks that look great because of their original design. I had the opportunity to interact with them American-shaped cushion 1921 and Cattle Horn Chronograph 1955. But that was not the case with the Historiques Triple Calendar 1942. It was time to rectify what had been left out…

As the name implies, a History of the Three Calendars 1942 and the restoration of the vine that was directly inspired by Vacheron Constantin from 1942, 4240. In ancient times, reference 4240 was made of yellow and pink gold and iron. Looking at modern eyes for example, 4240 is the best equipped with design tools, these little things that make it beautiful, fun and unique… bull horns lugs, a very thin bezel combined with a light-emitting box or a triple-gadroon caseband. The calendar indicator combines daily closures with a reference date. The clock was driven by caliber 495 based on Jaeger-LeCoultre ébauche – In the past, Jaeger-Lecoultre and Vacheron Constantin were controlled by the same company, SAPIC (Société Anonyme de Produits Industriels et Commerciaux).

Vacheron Constantin Historical Calendar Triple 1942 - 3110V / 000A-B426

Re-launched in 2017 together with Historiques 1948, The modern Historiques Triple Calendar 1942 is undoubtedly inspired by 4240 references but is not a direct copy of the original. The case has been changed to modern standards. Now it is 40mm (as opposed to 35mm for the original) but it remains small and beautiful on the hand. The cords that look like nails are not only beautiful but also very ergonomic. The crown is small but starchy. The 3-gadroon caseband, perhaps the most recognizable feature of this watch, makes for a superhero game and adds an extraordinary character. Water resistance, as expected from such a worn watch, is only about 100 feet[30 m].

Vacheron Constantin Historical Calendar Triple 1942 - 3110V / 000A-B426

With its blue tones, the cream with two shades of cream combines retro-chic charm with good reading. Everything is just fine and clean. It features a clear sunburst-satin look and a few seconds less than 6 a.m. with a fixed shape. The blued hands come back with a twist. A minute hand like a stick is not longer and less than an hour hand. This is combined with a reddish-brown date, which indicates the date on the roundabout – an ancient form of the 1940s. And the other two signs, the day of the week and month, are displayed in small windows at 12 o’clock.

Vacheron Constantin Historical Calendar Triple 1942 - 3110V / 000A-B426

Inside the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendar 1942 there is a 4400 QC hand wound. As its name suggests, it takes on an internal model of 4400, which replaced the 1400 caliber, the first modern type of home. QC references indicate an increase in calendar function (Complete the Calendar or the entire calendar in English). It runs at a frequency of 4Hz, providing a relaxed 65-hour duration.

Vacheron Constantin Historical Calendar Triple 1942 - 3110V / 000A-B426

Turning the clock, the display provides an unmistakable impression of its movement. 29mm in diameter, corresponds to its size. As you might expect, it ended well, according to Geneva Hallmark. The brilliant bridges and the plate are decorated with Geneva stripes and perlage, their angles are clear; gemstones sink well polished. The annular mass is combined with a fixed spring. Calendar activities can be monitored via pushers integrated inside the caseband.

The Historiques Triple Calendar 1942 is worn on a belt sewn by a blue cord with a string. Finally, it comes with a polished Maltese signature drilled in the center of the metal. Note that this watch is available in two colors, available colors with blue words on the dial (for modern day music and calendar windows) with a blue belt, and a color with burgundy words on the dial and a black belt.


I’ve always had a weak spot on three retro calendars. This problem is useful when it is a great connection between the simple and expensive / difficult annual or permanent calendar. Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendar 1942 runs smoothly on the line between being the highest and having the most visually appealing, not the most sophisticated. It is well done with an amazing interest in detail. In a nutshell, it is the type of watch that causes you to fall in love first. Some are always oblivious to the beauty, uniqueness or patina of the early 1940s. Others will appreciate the functionality and enhancement that comes with modern release. The age of 4240 is very rare. And 1942 proudly supports Vacheron Constantin’s tradition of making beautiful clock clocks.

Vacheron Constantin Historical Calendar Triple 1942 - 3110V / 000A-B426

Availability & Price

Two editions of the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendar 1942 are part of this collection and are available at retail outlets. It’s expensive EUR 21,700 (including taxes), CHF 22,200 (including taxes) or $ 21,900 (excluding taxes). For more information, please visit

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