Video: Interview With The Founder Of ‘Class Watches’ eBay Store

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In the video below, BlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams interviews Mauricio Pier, founder of Class Watches. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Class Watches is a rare and hard-to-find watch dealer. Most of his businesses come from Class Watches eBay store, where Mauricio Pier has been compiling his fascinating and time-honored series since 2001. Do not forget eBay is the largest online watch market.

Mauricio Pierum became interested in watches as a child, developing a habit that would last a lifetime. Clocks Class is a unique type of watch for sale because a variety of watches are made by interested owners. This is in contrast to many watchmaking stores that strive to keep watches and dealers in the market seeing them as the most important right now. Class Watches is as passionate about educating watchmakers as they are about giving them the next piece they love.

EBay stores love Classic Clocks and are special because they start with one very passionate person who uses a business idea to share their hobbies in sports. In Mr. Pier’s case, that interest is in short supply, made with the finest mechanical clocks that most ordinary fans have probably never heard of. The list of Class Watches is appropriate EBay Authenticity Guarantee app which ensures that all watches sold for more than $ 2,000 USD are checked manually through another checker before arriving at the buyer’s door, as well as receiving an NFC light card that provides true proof.

In this video produced by BlogtoWatch, Ariel Adams and Mauricio Pier browse on eBay while reviewing other watches available in the Class Watches eBay Store, representing the lowest prices, up to $ 100,000 + worth. Join them in their discussions, and share what you think are some of the fun things out there Class Watches eBay Store (lay here) in the comments below.

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