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Five years ago, BlogtoWatch re-launched its first new feature Mauron Musy looking at the Armure Classic Steel watch here. Our David Bredan loved the watch a lot but also said that the idea created by the new stories did not match the experience. Since then, Mauron Musy has improved its dials and re-released the low-end sophisticated watch that I am reviewing today. There are no complaints that the singing is unpleasant, but the price of the watch has gone up. That said, the Mauron Musy GMT MU04 models and other features such as MU03 pieces (BlogtoWatch comment here) it will be cheaper than these beautiful bones. But when I wear the Mauron Musy Skeleton Armure MU05-101 in titanium as we have seen here, I think there is a very important impression on this watch. Once again, as a record, it has been sold – but it does mean that fans need to pay attention to what is coming from the book as well as the Swiss watchmaker.

The highest quality brand Mauron Musy Skeleton Armure was (re-sold) MU05-301 in a solid gold box. This MU05-101 watch is made of titanium, which fits me well. Mauron Musy, if any, is a small-scale mechanic who knows how to use metal tools and finish them off with incredible beauty and precision. This is a unique technique, say, a traditional hand finish, which involves the use of hand wipes. Not that there is a lack of hands-on effort in these cases, but the Armure case and the celebration of modern prayer technology are what you can get when you think of the smallest details.

Although the effort involved in repairing clocks, singing, and movement is inconclusive, one clear point is that Armure cases are waterproof up to 300 meters without the use of any gaskets. Mauron Musy calls the technology “nO-Ring” because it means that the case should not use a ring-type rubber or other material gaskets between the parts of the case to ensure that water and dust do not enter. Instead, parts of titanium are associated with such accuracy, so no additional methods are required to obtain water. In addition, we are not just talking about water resistance in hand washing and showering. Instead, we are talking about a 300-meter-long diver’s water resistance without any help. As far as I know, this has never happened in the watchmaking industry, and Mauron Musy is proud to be the only person in the department.

The same case is pretty, too. It is 44mm-will, 13mm-thick, and wears very well for strong bags. The titanium case is very light, so the wear is very comfortable, in my opinion, especially on the rubber straps on the back. I would say that, in most cases, this watch wears modestly based on its size of 44mm. The finish on the top of the titanium is very high, and all of its designs are a delightful mix of modern and sophisticated materials that sound like what any metalworker would love. On top of the singing and in the back are AR-shaped sapphire crystals for better face recognition and movement.

What makes the Mauron Musy MU05 different from the MU03 models is the skeletonization rendering, although the function is the same. The clock inside the clock is known as the MM01-SK caliber, and was designed by Mauron Musy and designed in Switzerland by a travel expert La Joux-Perret. The automatic motion is similar to its design, and it is carefully designed to see amazingly in machines that can operate at 4Hz with 55 hours of electrical protection. The automatic rotor has very good bones, and when singing, you can easily read the time and a few seconds and admire all the decorative orthopedic works and beautiful finishes.

When I first saw the Armure Skeleton watch in pictures, I realized that the melody could be adjusted using traditional and orthopedic hands. Hands have painted tips, but I was a little worried that they would lose the details of the singing and prevent it from sounding clear. After wearing MU05-101 for a while, I found that the accreditation was not a problem and that I appreciate the style of singing and what Mauron Musy goes for. In addition, I find that the combination of a well-designed color scheme mixed with shell music is a great way to appreciate its DNA structure and to imitate the beauty of a modern watch. In Skeleton Armure, you find a lot of watches these days, but the package doesn’t look like anything else on the market.

With all new items in high quality, it takes time for new items to be picked up and approved by a large watch team. Very few people out there know how Mauron Musy’s watches are so good so far, so collectors may not immediately hear “oh wow, you have one of those”. That will change over time. Good ideas take time to satisfy the community and, in the end, people really appreciate these watches for what they are. In the meantime, the makers of the Mauron Musy watch will be among those who think about risk, especially in my opinion of experts.

Mauron Musy is also one of the people who reject the “Swiss Made” brand on its products and choose the word “Swiss Crafted”. This is because “Swiss Made” does not mean complete production in Switzerland. “Swiss Crafted” is a term that means the watch is 100% Swiss-made, beyond “Swiss Made.” This means that all charges and procedures are made in Switzerland, and that the watch is assembled and fully tested in Switzerland. For those who want to see the “true” Swiss cats, “Swiss Crafted” is a sign to look out for.

Mauron Musy combines a high-quality Nubuck leather belt (slightly older than me) with a standard rubber belt with each MU05 Skeleton Armure watch. Extra cables are available, and I like that the cables come with unmanned output devices for easy adjustment. I think anyone who owns one of these watches can benefit from playing with strings. I, too, would like to wear this watch again on white rubber bands which I think would also look very elegant.

Sales like Mauron Musy always take time to enter the market because what they do is expensive and difficult for all but knowledgeable collectors to appreciate. This means that the “decline” of reputable watchmakers can take a while. With almost 20 years of experience collecting experiences under my belt (and I’ve handled thousands of watches), I have the opportunity to know which things are the most fun, the best but the least important, and the ones that can’t compete. compared with other items. Mauron Musy is an example of a genre with high ideals who want to be unique and different but rely on an audience that understands what they are doing. The style itself is often not enough to move the needle, but over time, if enough people get to know Mauron Musy, I think they will come up with my own ideas about the fun and exciting Swiss Crafted watch. . Mauron Musy Skeleton Armure Clock MU05-101 is only 13 pieces smaller, and each cost is 24,700 Swiss Franc. Find out more on the Mauron Musy page here.

More Requirements
> Type: Mauron Musy
>Example: Skeleton Armure MU05 (MU05 -101 as tested)
>PricePrice: 24,700 Swiss Franc
>Growing upSize: 44mm wide, 13mm thickness.
>When the repeater wears himself: As an everyday sports watch with the same modern design and interesting interest of mature lovers.
>We would have to make it first: A contemporary collector who has worn a number of high-profile “popular” sports watches and is looking for something new that is not like anything else their peers wear.
>The best quality of a watch: A well-designed and singing garment, with original designs that do not look like any other band making; The 300-foot water mix without gaskets is an interesting story, and the design of the skeletonized dial and movement is anointed and felt superior and refined. Relax when worn on your wrist.
>The worst behavior of a watch: Price is a challenge that requires a lot of competition and appreciation for what Mauron Musy brings to the table. Low manufacturing numbers mean that the clocks are hard to find.

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