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Along with household names like Jaguar and Aston Martin, the history of British cars is filled with marques that have left the business, including Triumph, AC, Jensen, and many others. One of Britain’s most beloved and popular sportsmen from the past is Austin-Healey, an ancient architect and roadmaker such as the Sprite, 100, and 3000, who showed themselves on the runways and on the streets around the world from the early ’50s until. 1971. Since 2004, the British nation has had a patent agreement with Frederique Constant, creating car-clocks that promote bold and brutal movement in line with the restraint, the grapevine, and the British approach to the automotive watch. In its most recent alliance with Austin-Healey, the nation aims to capture the spirit of the Australian-era ’50s-era English game game, with a cleanly crafted design that blends well with middle-aged and sporty transitions. happiness. The new edition of Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey Automatic Small Seconds is a less complex concept, easier to use in the office than most other automotive designs, and its clear design brings a lot of unique visuals.

Compared to the 40mm, the Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey Automatic Small Seconds stainless steel case bag carries the best way to watch a high-end sports watch. Almost every case, from the polished bezel to its edges, is well curved, making its design extremely high on the arm. The non-slip veins have a slightly longer side, which works in conjunction with a narrow bezel to make the design more wearable than the numbers indicate, but its size is reduced by a total thickness of 11.5mm. Frederique Constant concludes the case with a detailed chart, showing not only Austin-Healey but also the Austin-Healey 100S chassis number NOJ 393. NOJ 393 is undoubtedly the most important Austin-Healey ever built, competing as part of this kind of factory. the race team on the 1953 24 Hours of Le Mans, with an appearance after 12 Hours of Sebring, Bahamas Speed ​​Week, and the exhausting Carrera Panamericana road race before setting a $ 1 million sales record in 2011. is clean and tidy , but detailed enough to distinguish the NOJ 393 from the conventional range plus the overhead power supply and the Brooklands rear screen. However, a water level drop of 50 meters reduces the spirit of the game here.

Frederique Constant offers a compelling combination of old-fashioned sports watches as well as a British interest in the old school and the singing of Vintage Rally Healey Automatic Small Seconds. Nothing here sounds like a direct car, except for the old Healey signature at 6 p.m. Instead, the clock takes a step further to capture the spirit of the ’50s sports car. When laid out on paper, the instruments do not look like a game – alpha gestures, a mix of baton indices and strong Arabic numerals, and 9 o’clock in a few seconds. It is detailed and coherent in the material that the design rebuilds, including features such as a white high-rise rail, a slightly smaller internal scale, a solid second-scale scale, and a playable number of used numbers. The bright red glow on the little hand also enhances the design from the monotony and direct play of the game, without overpowering the gray and white of any other song. The concrete slab used in high-performance compositions offers an amazingly unique personality, with a wide range of colors and clear matte textures that provide a satisfying foundation for polished materials. A window with a beveled cutout at 3 p.m. is also welcome on the design, which gives a 9 p.m.

Inside the Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey Automatic Small Seconds beats the self-propelled Sellita SW200-1-based FC-345. Although the FC-345 was smooth and impressive during testing, losing about eight seconds a day, the starting platform is starting to show its age and power of 38 hours at a speed of 28,800 bph. The cowhide leather cover paired with a lightweight slate is a nice addition to the classic design, with a semigloss pattern and a slight pull.

With its calm, focused approach to automotive design and warm mid-year looks, the Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey Automatic Small Seconds is an unquestionably fun way for those looking for a hidden way into the archetypal bold racing chronograph. Only 888 models of Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey Automatic Small Seconds will be made, and the watch is now available through certified dealers at MSRP of $ 1,595. For more information, please visit page of this type.

More Requirements
> Type: Frederique Constant
>Example: Vintage Rally Healey Automatic Small Seconds
>Price$ 1,595 (Fewer 888 pieces)
>Growing upSize: 40mm wide, 11.5mm thickness
>When the repeater wears himself: As a refined garment, for everyday play, or as a word on a British motorcade.
>We could have made it first: Old British car enthusiasts, or gearhead enthusiasts looking for a safer alternative than a running chronograph.
>The best quality of a watch: Closed-controlled, controlled and accelerated acceleration of speed from powerful and brutal car-inspired clocks; a good ending to the singing.
>The worst behavior of a watch: Continuous energy storage; The 40mm case looks a little bigger for ’50s-inspired styling’.

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