Watch the Week: How Reverso Changed My Role in New Clocks

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute To 1931 US Edition was my first modern watch, as well as my first watch. And it laid the foundation for the collector I am today.

It was first published on MAWAKE mwa September 20, 2021

In Watch of the Week, we ask HODINKEE staff and friends to explain why they like another piece. And we are launching a license with the founder of our company.

Ten years ago, I bought my first modern watch: A Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, Tribute To 1931, US Edition (2011 version). It was a simple clock with a very long name, but it was revealing to me. It wasn’t my real modern watch when I was older – it would have been a masterpiece by Maurice Lacroix using the right hand Peseux caliber (which I was able to purchase at Tourneau via a timely plan that gave me 24 months, free interest), or Oris Formula 1 which I think I did not pay more than $ 650 (also in Tourneau).

All of these were excellent watches that I bought in my HODINKEE life, and that I wish I had, but unfortunately I was sold at a time when I was no longer used by any meaningful company and HODINKEE was actually a blog I wrote for. have fun while my boyfriend was at school between 9am and 4pm – after which we were able to continue drinking, smoking, and any other 20-something we do while sitting in a shoe box at Nolita (29) Spring Street, Apartment 4, if you want to know) when you are not active.

Author Jaeger-LeCoultre Tribute To 1931 Reverso, US Edition (2011).

Soon after the happy and romantic moment of my life was over – the clocks were off, and so was the girl. I moved downtown and started grinding HODINKEE in a new way. My interest in watches became a major concern, and I became very fond of ancient clocks.

There came the Omega Ranchero I bought at Antiquorum. (Tip: There’s something called consumer price, and something called New York State sales tax that can make the price you think you’re paying be 35% higher in the end – they learned that the hardest way to Omega.). I spent the next few years living a double life – one trying to be a decent student with a degree in journalism – and writing real-life stories, such as two synagogues in Brighton Beach filing a lawsuit against Borough Brooklyn President Marty Markowitz’s plan to launch a street bullet in Asher Street Levy park – a self-imposed clock that might have been, looking back, an unhealthy way. If you would like to hear more about those days, listen to HODINKEE Radio, Part 1.

In the future, I would buy as much as I could. Spending almost every dollar I had in the old pieces – because I know that the only way to learn is to buy and own things. For some time I was really on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Vineyard. And after my 5512 (which I still have), the next big clock I bought was Polaris. You know the clock – big, black, alarm – very strange. I paid $ 9,000 for it from Ken on WannaBuyAWatch, and man, I wish I had it.

Ben Clymer's JLC Polaris

My old LeCoultre Polaris. The vitamin juice in the back tells me that I was asleep after taking this picture.

I had a great JLC ​​Mark XI, too, come think about it. And the best black Memovox. It was about this time that I became friends with a man named Philippe Bonay, who was president of Jaeger-LeCoultre at the US Market (currently leading Panerai in the US and is still one of the most creative, thoughtful people I know to work. land of guard). It was about 2010 and we were approaching the day of the first Reverso race. He wanted to make a unique watch on his market that was accurate on the first Reverso of 1931.

First of all, JLC is planning to make a special luxury watch from the 1931 model with just “Reverso” on the play. This was a bit of a chore, but Philippe’s US edition went ahead and introduced what appears to be a non-existent, but true first-hand, syringe. Interestingly, the factory belt on the watch may not be the standard JLC belt, but rather handmade by Casa Fagliano, the builder of many generations of the world’s best polo shoes. You can see the original video, the first one on them right here – which are meaningful for other reasons; it was the first time I met my best friend, Mr. Will Holloway, who at the time was a classmate, who later became the man behind the first Talking Watches, and is now one of HODINKEE’s biggest of all of us. team. But back to the watch.

The whole package was very thoughtful, and even though I played zero in making this watch, it was the first time that a great brand representative seemed to care what I thought of the watch. Philippe asked me and JLC-Timezone forum moderator Howard Parr what we thought of the watch for the first time, and I listened.

The only way anyone would know this was smaller was with a belt – but what a belt.

It may be hard to understand now, but in 2010, we digital people were real strangers. “Blog” was a four-letter word for high-ranking people – and mockery was no secret. It was at this point that I was asked by the advertisers that I had lied and told their boss that I was writing for a big magazine when I took their meetings (I was not), or when I was told by an experienced magazine editor. in the field of “digital and fad,” or “no one can buy a watch because of what you do,” or “the internet is for the poor” (all things were said before me between 2009-2011).

Being accepted and understood, made to feel like you are all suddenly part of something strange to you, really feels good. And when Mr. Bonay asked Howard and me what we thought of the clock, it sounded like the first time these companies were opening up to me.

It didn’t hurt that I loved the clock. And when it came out, I told Philippe to do it love be one of the 100 people who have the opportunity to buy his special US Reverso of 1931. You can read my first article on this watch Pano – still online (surprisingly) ten years later. Now I could not justify $ 8,000 – because in the past, I was in a vineyard, and only fools spend a lot of money on modern watches. And so I redefined my mind on the watch – I buy it, not allowing myself to wear it until I have finished my Master’s work in school. So that’s what I did – I bought it, but until I won, it was still saved.

As a result, my Reverso became the first watch I bought to record a special moment in my life. In the past, I thought of myself as a graduate of Master, but in reality, it was something else – the first time I felt like I had a future in the visual industry.

And so I bought the watch, and I loved it. And again, I forced myself to redefine the idea of ​​the clock from an object (as many young collectors think about their watches), into something very important – a totem for a moment in my life, something that never existed. on my reading pages, but something else was part of me. It would never be sold. And for that reason, I decided to write it with my own font – this is Reverso afterwards.

This was the first clock I ever recorded – and now all my modern watches have a different color.

Oh dad, when that clock came back to me with my first letters cut off so well? Ugh. It was so good. For someone who was a great lover, a lover of collection, and a spirit who is undeniably old, this struck me as the oldest clocks I have ever had – this watch did not. mine. And it always will be. Over the next decade, more old clocks came and more went. At the same time, several modern clocks were back, and many, many more were left behind. And he did it because he was bought for a reason – to celebrate something professional, or personal, a moment in my life that I wanted to remember. And it was all filmed, either from the factory directly or later by a friend of mine. It’s something I’m doing now.

Jack Forster's Day is a handwriting, a gift from the author.

Jack Forster’s Rolex Day-Date with handwriting, a gift from the author.

That is why when my dear friend, companion, and spiritual flesh for many of us, Jack Forster hit 1,000 articles published on HODINKEE, it just sounded like I was celebrating with watch. Instead, I bought the watch two years before I showed it to him (I have this surprise when I sometimes see the watch and someone close to me just comes to my mind – this was one of those events), and between them. then when I gave it to him, in addition to serving him fully, I wrote it down. You saw the pictures.

Without my past experience with my JLC Reverso TT 1931, I would never have considered doing this. Without that clock, I would not have learned to understand why modern clocks would be so meaningful in a way that vines could not – and without them, I probably would not have had the desire to continue with HODINKEE in the amazing and foreign companies. as I did. So it may not be the most sexual watch I have, but this Reverso means hell for me, and it is one I am most grateful to have – and when I grow up, it is these watches that make me look back. in love and my work over and over again.

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