What Makes A Great Dive View?

Dive clock 101: how it is due to fluid clocks.

Published by HODINKEE Price, June 19, 2021

For almost 75 years of their life, swimwear watches appear to be sound. Often seen as an unchanging sports watch, and always loved because of their complexity, we’ve seen so-called “swimming clocks” from all corners of the industry. From the cheapest and most expensive to the most expensive, swimsuits are available at any cost, and the team is represented by several of the world’s leading digital photo collectors.

Photo: Gishani Ratnayake

While the dive clock is very consistent and undoubtedly important, how often do we consider the requirements that set the best watch different from flotsam and jetsam found in today’s endless water of choice? Although they mimic and repeat over and over again to hide the differences between the larger models, for those who can dream of taking their underwater watch, there are certain traits that help inform every high-speed watch.

Photo: Gishani Ratnayake

Whether you are a licensed and risk-abiding person, or just want to know (PADI stands for Professional Association Of Diving Instructors) the following are the features of a diving watch. Put a water punch here: (let’s get in, no, try to keep your head above water, no, keep this as straight as possible, so you don’t go into too much detail).

Water resistance

Duh – yet. Each ground clock must be waterproof to the depth you want to jump (PADI amplifier is 40m, or 130ft). With a drop-down crown, the 100m is not uncommon, but the most accurate timepieces are usually 200m or more. What is this 95% increase in jumping? Yes, but any swimmer compliant with ISO will be tested beyond what is written on the dial. Don’t overdo water (it means your watch survives, so a slightly shaky chamber is fine) and if your watch is old or well-worn, consider getting tested regularly – on old-fashioned watch watches, we highly recommend. recommends trying to force before being cheated in any other way, lest you damage the precious (and possibly expensive) watch.

Proper Accuracy

Assuming that the dancing at the amusement parlor does not last more than an hour, this should not be a problem for everyone but the old clocks that clap their hands. That said, you need a watch that can be as accurate as one minute per hour. Considering the timely skills of well-maintained travel for young and old, this is a top priority. That said, it helps to have confidence at every moment that is indicated by the moment. Everything is to know when the cantina opens and make sure you do not miss the first boat. And remember, you may need a watch as a backup backup if your laptop is failing (perhaps, but it does happen) the right way, it is better to have it unnecessarily than to want it and not have it.

Sound Singing

This information is required. Since you do not want to waste time trying to translate the most difficult time, you need a swimming clock that can be read slowly. This means a very different singing, a well-known and easy-to-read minute note, as well as enough light on a few lights or a night jump. When you dive into the water, there is a chance that some of your device’s calls (air pressure, back-deep, proper computer screens) will provide light support that should be prompted by a flashlight burst, and this goes away. on your watch too. As long as the lume is bright at first and you can easily create a bezel position, longevity is a matter of a bedside table or a movie theater, not a permanent depth.

Bezel Worth Jumping

Undoubtedly something very different from a diving watch, the bezel is used to detect the onset of your jump and track your ground time using minute magnitude. The descending bezel should be rotated around the clock and be easy to hold, easy to read, and especially with a zero marker (often called a “pip”). Avoid bezels with smooth edges or distorted notes, in favor of bright bezels – with extra bezel points that provide enough strength to stabilize using gloves (essential in all warm water).

A Good Bracelet (Or a Water Tape)

These are usually the separating zone between the watches and the appearance of the watch and the timepiece. Although there are exceptions, the form requires a metal bracelet or rubber belt. As you can find yourself in a wetsuit (or drysuit) you will need a method that can hold more than your upper arm. If you want to consider the size of your wetsuit, look for a metal bracelet with extra accessories or choose a rubber band with extra length. Iron or rubber, belt or bracelet should be lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and put reliable spring bars. Other than that, subaqueous recovery may not be an option.

Fuss-Free Care (AKA Chill Vibes)

You already have a computer, so do you really want a watch with a built-in timer? Making a watch that can jump into the water is not difficult, but making a watch that can run on a daily basis is a daunting task. Look at the pictures of the form – Submariner, Seamaster, and so on; these were the watches that needed to be worn every day – not left on the shelf until it was time to prepare for your next jump. A good swimming watch should be comfortable, portable, and easy to maintain. Avoid drawers and bezels that can cover debris with salt water. Instead, look for a watch that you can clean in the harbor and go out in the sun with a cold beer.

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