Why Kailyn Lowry Doesn’t Give Her Children Christmas Gifts

It is one minute before we enter Young Women 2 star Kailyn Lowry, but apparently struggles with stupidity because she does not give her children Christmas presents. Kailyn revealed the details on Instagram Q&A, saying “I no longer receive Christmas presents for my children” when asked if she receives gifts for her dogs.

Apparently, the return was quick, because Kailyn followed her words and explanations.

“Some of you are interested and some of you are very upset about this,” he said I AM! Stories. “Just know that my children are not free. Let them have what they do for their fathers only.”

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Kailyn adds: “I did it many times, but I got tired of fighting [with] abambo [about] and he left. Every time I had Christmas kids some of my relatives were of different ages with their families / kids & we started having a big holiday about 5 years ago. That is why Christmas can be with their father and they do not have to worry about being divided. “

He went on to explain that his children “look forward to our family vacation every year” and told his followers, “My children do not want or need anything and I am grateful for this. Maybe one day we will be happy without a gift one day.”

According to I AM! Stories, Kailyn also opened up about this on the podcast last year, saying “We’re not doing anything. I’m not going to have it. So, they should not get things … And if they say yes, then I’ll just help with this. “

Sounds logical, TBH!

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