Zenith Tips: Three Wear Clocks With Unstable Selection

The new and steady transformation of Zenith’s in-house Elite movement.

Originally published by Logan Baker on MAWAKE, October 6, 2020

Earlier this year, at LVMH’s opening week in Dubai, Zenith transformed his Elite family with a sleek new watch, three of which we are adding to the HODINKEE Shop today. The new additions to the Elite series all feature amazing radial sunburst singing and dauphine hands, a simple minute way, and setting, hourly recordings. The design of the case was revived, with a smaller bezel and twisted strings that put the singing in the middle of the stage. The combination of a simple profile with a printed dial gives the Elite version a flexible look, yet remains true to the basics of the clock dress.

There is one three-dimensional date set available at the HODINKEE Shop today, plus watches that add a few seconds and show the moon part of the dressy equation. The Elite Moonphase clocks are very dear around the HODINKEE office, and amassing the ancient world charm of one of the world’s leading clock manufacturers old problems in a beautiful, modern package. The lunar eclipse is continuous, making a complete rotation of every 29.5 days to accurately reflect the lunar cycle. It makes an interesting addition to the visual design of the Zenith Elite.

Prices for the new Elite range start at $ 5,800 – the best price for an old Swiss-made clock with a line running the Zenith’s Elite line.

Zenith Elite Classic

Everything about the Zenith Elite Classic makes – as the name suggests – a quintessential model of a dress watch. It is simple and well-refined, with silver-plated sunburst dial emanating from the centerpiece of the clock without interrupting zero, trapezoidal rescue, window-painted window at six o’clock and the Zenith logo well placed within 12 o’clock.

The dauphine hand room is a medium to long and easy-to-read hand, with a hand of minutes and seconds reaching the edge of the chorus. The stainless steel fabric is best worn on the arm, thanks to the size of 40.5mm × 9.1mm which makes it suitable for under any arms or shoulders. It is paired with a blue alligator strap with an inner rubber strap for durability in everyday wear.

If you are looking for a new dress watch from the best Swiss manufacturers, home indoor and stylish look, look no further: Here it is. The Zenith Elite Classic is priced at $ 5,800 and is well available Pano.

Zenith Elite Moonphase

No problem is more closely associated with lesser beauty than the old part of the moon. Zenith has also transformed the Elite family of these wearable and poetic costumes, and put them on for the sixth time, in a circular display of dark blue with stars that mimic the night sky. Examples of Zenith Elite Moonphase in the HODINKEE Shop are available in two designs: one in a rose-gold case with a silver dial, and a stainless steel with a cool gray dial. The handwriting, the clock handles used, and the Moon type all correspond to each metal.

The song is completed with a few seconds to show off as a 9-hour print, which combines with full beauty and gives Zenith Elite Moonphase a fun, asymmetrical look that helps to stand out against the minimalist dress. guard. The case is similar to that found on the Elite Classic, saving on a slight increase in thickness, up to 9.35mm. The display of the lunar phase is adjusted via a crown at 3 o’clock, a convenient method of use that requires no pressure or extra buttons.

At $ 6,800 in stock, Zenith Elite Moonphase represents the most valuable, considering it the most beautiful and sophisticated home-built watch. It only costs $ 1,000 compared to its simple relative, the Elite Classic in steel. At the high end, the entire gold Zenith Elite Moonphase is priced at $ 13,600.

A Brief History of Zenith’s Elite Caliber, From 1994 to Today

The modern Elite collection is called the Inner Move, which was introduced by Zenith at Baselworld 1994 to match its chronograph movement, just El Primero. Unlike its chronograph counterpart, which has retained its unchanging architecture since its inception in 1969, Elite is a result of modern clocks. In particular, it is regarded as one of the first systems developed with the help of computer-assisted computing (CAD) software. In recent years, the Elite range has been replaced by the latest high-tech gadgets, including the use of silicon tools on the escape wheel and pallet lever.

The Elite race was well received in its early 1994, until it won the “Best Movement of the Year” award at the Basel show. While the Elite team does not match the popularity and popularity of Zenith El Primero, it does have many benefits and a lot of interest in providing enthusiastic watchmakers. Take, for example, the fact that the Elite was traditionally built lepine setup, with a few seconds at 9 p.m., to allow for a simple increase in damage levels, as shown by the moon phase display on new Elite Moonphase images. The Elite is very thin to be able to move steadily, its length is 3.47mm in its simple daily shape.

In most models, Elite calibers offer 50 hours of autonomy, with seconds stealing and a 4 Hz pulse. The Elite Classic hand-held three-dimensional models use the Elite 670 SK panel, which changes shape lepine mid-second hand procedure and includes drilling date 6 p.m. Popular Defy Classic examples borrow this from the Elite family. Elite Moonphase views the Elite 692 SK house, with a few seconds visible and a moon problem at XNUMX o’clock. In the Elite range that has been added to the HODINKEE Shop today, all of this movement is reflected through a sapphire crystal display that reflects white and elegant ornaments, including the weight of the oscillating bones and perlage on the mainplate and Geneva seas on bridges.

Learn about Zenith Elite Collection In HODINKEE Shop

There is no denying that Zenith chronographs house the El Primero team will continue to attract a lot of attention to the genre list. The Elite team, however, offers a new way to appreciate Le Locle brand technology.

We think these new Elite wearable watches are in perfect harmony with the history found in them Chronographs with starting instruments it is a modern avant-garde-broken culture Defy series. The Elite race is an important part of Zenith’s history, closing the gap between El Primero’s early years and Defy’s temporary interpretation.

You can find out more about the Zenith Elite on the right Pano.

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